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Spent a Friday participating in this lively packed house of demo-giving techies, artists, start-ups  and varying educational interactive, and social engagement projects. A lot of time on my part  explaining my project  and the site Arcosanti  (where this 4-channel video was filmed).  A lot of interest which was good, and while seeing a short clip is not ideal, people did take time to stop, look and listen.  Particularly liked  seeing how the interactive social engagement pieces worked.

Showing demo clip of 4-Channel video 'Arcosanti'

Me showing demo clip of 4-Channel performative video ‘Arcosanti’


RECENT READS with overlapping topics that I have found fascinating:

“Economics of Good and Evil” by Tomas Sedlacek, the young Czech Economist/Scholar

A  quest for economic meaning going back to biblical times and a re-thinking of our assumptions about how economies should function.

“Forbidden Faith The Gnostics Legacy “by Richard Smoley

The various strands of Gnostic practices throughout history

“You Are Not a Gadget” Janon Lanier

Polemic by game inventor, researcher, musician and thinker. If you unhappily spend more than 6 hours a day in front of a screen, you need to read this.