I made the trek to this 2-day Arts/Science gathering of all manner of arts/science folk pontificating the intersections of arts and science (and more precisely the ‘scientific method’). A generous opening intro by MIT Art History Prof. Caroline Jones, and next day follow-up with Exec. Director of MIT/CAST, Leila W. Kinney.  A lot of paper-giving sprinkled with coffee breaks on  topics ranging from 4-D space, color mapping, to Gaia, and Synesthesia. Bright spots to be found in the talks of Tauba Auerbach, Tomas Sareceno, Bruno Latour, with historical insights re: experimental music and ‘resonance’ by composer Alvin Lucier. The post-talk schmooze opps were stimulating and offered up a global community of scholars and creatives who had traveled (from France Sweden, London) just for this.   NYC Artist Daniel Kohn took a small posse to see his painting installation at the MIT Genome Lab where he was artist-in residence for a number of years. Also met curator  Franciois Larini, Post-Doc Associate and Interactive Programmer Peter Torpey, Sculptor Anne Corrsin, Choreographer Asa Unander-Scharin.