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Video still: Adam Douglas Thompson

Adam Douglas Thompson @ NurtureART
In the current Videorover show at NurtureArt, Adam Douglas Thompson’s projected scrim of a white-cube gallery space is relentlessly reconstituted; its space regularly being re-made with invented digital ‘shows’. Each one of Thompson’s doll-house-like concoctions is convincingly placed within this circumscribed digital context; and within minutes and (often seconds) the scene is washed over for the flavor-of-the-moment art idea or series that comes next. There are groups of paintings, sculptural objects, and installations; each group a thoughtful show in itself, lightly referencing the ‘canon’ yet neatly – and perversely (through the wonders AfterEffects) swept away, and replaced with another visual idea. It’s both compelling and unsettling as the constant stream of change (like the seasons in a gallerist’s space) and the more ubiquitous media landscape, perpetually engages, confuses, and entertains in offering up the latest possibility.


Susanne Hofer/ Light Bulb Magic @ Fresh Window
In entering the Fresh Window Gallery of Susanne Hofer’s show, I see lit on the floor, of a darkened room, a pile of empty oddly arranged boxes, cartons, cleaning materials, and the flotsam of office and carpentry ‘stuff’. “Oh no.” I think; a Sarah Sze wannbe? I linger a bit longer looking down at the stuff and then -in hanging with the crowd who face an opposing wall- I notice that the stuff casts a shadow on a projected (video) scene which – it turns out- is a setting sun. This shadow of stuff, is resurrected as an invented cityscape casting a dark skyline against the fading day. Another deceptively simple piece is a peephole several inches wide in the wall. Looking through it you see a vast scene on a reduced scale of New York Harbor at work. The pleasure of these pieces is in the trick of expectation; being disappointed, then fooled and delighted in finding the sublime plumed from the commonplace and disposable of the everyday.


Until this past month, I’d never seen an actual beaver dam in person. When I stumbled upon this one in the Catskills this Spring, my first thought was ‘who did this?’ which shows just how flummoxed I was by both the size and skill level presented in the delicate yet sturdy structure(s) set in place. It is a marvel, and in seeing this I found myself in line with the defenders of the beaver as tool-maker. The Zen Center where I stay has built a delicate bridge which straddles the two dams that back up one end of their lake. On my trip back this weekend an even bigger treat was seeing a beaver treading water near his/her handiwork.




Charlemagne_ Palestine

I met Charlemagne Palestine after attending his book signing at Electric Arts Intermix in December and went to his opening a few days later at Sonnabend. It was nice that we had mutual friends and even better that his process intersects with my own vis-a vis a personal bodily engagement. A trio of video installations: Ritual Dans La Vide, Motions x 24 and Cemetery Trio, blend lo-tech, fleeting imagery with bellowing sonic rants and architectural meanderings. I was drawn into his winsome world of empty rooms, resting places (cemeteries) and rides (Coney Island’s Cyclone). The technical equipment made friendly with his fetish-y objects and fabric, it’s a go-to; worth the effort before the show closes Feb 1. He’s performance history and it’s the real deal.

Rooms fall ApartFrom my visit to “Rooms Fall Apart” in Baltimore, May 4, 2013

Baltimore lives up to its offbeat, edgy, experimental image in this imaginative immersive participatory environment. While playful and somewhat camp, it’s full of surprises and  ideas that are fresh and provocative. Later on the Cabaret downstairs hosted films by Martha Colburn. This happens every year at the end of April,  first week in May. Worth the trip!
From their website”
“From anxiety, to happiness, to confusion, Rooms Fall Apart highlights the human emotions that are not legitimized by our dominant culture. This performance will address social issues that are relevant to the disconnected and fragmented social worlds of Baltimore. This project aims to deconstruct systems of oppression that we all encounter on a daily basis.
Immersive installations mirror spaces of home, the street, the greenhouse, as well as imaginative, abstract environments.  As a socially-engaged work of experimental theatre, Rooms Fall Apart is a uniquely magical experience; combining collaboration and conversation with visual artistry and performance experimentation, some adult content.”

Unknown th

Spring Breakers, Writer, Director Harmony Korine’s latest film, speaks to the 21st century Zietgeist i.e. the Pagan/Dionysian-Judeo-Christian split. Lush, saturated, glowing florescence soaked scenes of fleshy mostly naked bodies in all manner of ecstatic, and erotic (to say nothing of drunken and drugged-out) abandon.  A minor crime-heist -initially to raise cash- gradually opens up the young female partiers to a drug king-pin exposing the darker side of their desire for power and dominance through coopted violence.

Hiding from strong winds

Hiding from strong winds

From: Rock Away

Post-storm debris/ditch

The Paved Promise

The Paved Promise

Post-storm ditch

PressedCreaseRootsCarried and droppedFence