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Though I miss the Martians, I appreciate what’s taken its place; real-world initiatives – like Biosphere 2, NASA’s Rover- and creative efforts that give us a lively peek into the future of interplanetary habitation. Each weekend at The Boiler, The Menu for Mars Kitchen by Douglas Paulson and Heidi Neilson and chefs (a rotating cast of art-foodie futurists) concoct beverages, and assorted meals, all made from ingredients carefully chosen for space-travel duration. While this loosely translates into lots of dried stuff, liquid and lard, the surprise is in the taste and texture; (mine was mac n’cheese made from freeze-dried crickets) not to mention conversations that hover deftly above the earth’s gravitational field (references to sci-fi flicks). Real-time mini-cams project multiple views of chefs deep in thoughtful food prep, relaying ingredients and sharing cooking tips as curious earthlings, peruse and read text posted to set-ups, drawings and plants all sealed within a plastic enclosure that conjures up the possibility of thriving on the red planet.

Tattfoo Tan

David Grainger

Participants: Albert Park, Alex Tsocanos, Alice Gorman, Anna Dabney Smith & David Grainger, Gil Lopez, Heather Kapplow & Thalia Zedek, Hoi Cheng, John Roach, Joshua Liebowitz, Justin Amrhein, Kerim Zapsu, Lindsay Iserman, Marco Castro, The Planetary Society ¬New York City, Sian Proctor, Tattfoo Tan, Ward Shelley, Will Owen with Matthias Borello.

How does one create a performative work that considers the aesthetics of narrative while simultaneously speaking to the political moment we are in? In 2014, I planned this performance to include several Staten Island, NY residents that would be presented in a prominent community space. Select participants, including myself, were given a notebook with 100 pages in which to capture an observation for each day that passed over a three + month period. Then, in late July of that year, Eric Garner’s death occurred within blocks of the performance location; a historic WPA, New York City Parks building. As I took in the events that occurred both in NYC and in Ferguson, MO, I saw the need for this group to create a narrative that spoke directly to their lived experience. In private conversations with each, issues of of marginalization came up whether for socio-economic, or other reasons and I spent hours with each person talking about a timeframe of their lives in which an experience or form of struggle had brought about enormous change or a shift in perspective.

This is the resulting piece from those conversations. In looking forward to 2015 (and beyond), I am seeking different environments and situations to present an updated incarnation of this idea.

30:00 clip:

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