Project Description

Journey of the Invader Spirit

Filmed while an artist-in-residence in Bahia, Brazil, this will be a 10-12 minute video of an invented Origin Myth fusing the cinematic mash-up of Brazilian telenovela and silent films, that includes local schoolchildren, Capoeira practitioners and the residency staff in Brazil (comprising the project’s core participants). The video connects colonial overreach- through an Evil Invader Spirit (fusion of deities) with current environmental, consumer-culture realities and is laced with dark humor and fantasy. The character, a pernicious foreign ‘Invader Spirit’ aligns colonization, slavery and plunder that was birthed in the ruins of a Catholic monastery. The Spirit relishes in the havoc created through environmental degradation, terrorizing the local populations by way of consumer lust and discarded waste. Over time the Spirit’s malevolence gets confronted, by those who rise up, aided by Capoeira (Afro-Brazilian) martial arts practitioners and angelic Spirit Beings.