This show is an exploration of industrialism and environmentalism through Mandy Morrison’s distinct multimedia artworks. Baltimore’s urban landscape, the cosmos, and Brazil’s rich rainforest collide in this exhibition, initiating a conversation about late-stage capitalism, spirituality, and the human condition.



Project Description

Journey of the Invader Spirit

Filmed while an artist-in-residence in Bahia, Brazil, this will be a 10-12 minute video of an invented Origin Myth fusing the cinematic mash-up of Brazilian telenovela and silent films, that includes local schoolchildren, Capoeira practitioners and the residency staff in Brazil (comprising the project’s core participants). The video connects colonial overreach- through an Evil Invader Spirit (fusion of deities) with current environmental, consumer-culture realities and is laced with dark humor and fantasy. The character, a pernicious foreign ‘Invader Spirit’ aligns colonization, slavery and plunder that was birthed in the ruins of a Catholic monastery. The Spirit relishes in the havoc created through environmental degradation, terrorizing the local populations by way of consumer lust and discarded waste. Over time the Spirit’s malevolence gets confronted, by those who rise up, aided by Capoeira (Afro-Brazilian) martial arts practitioners and angelic Spirit Beings.  

On July 16, 2021 at 6:30PM, I was interviewed by Brainard Carey on WYBC, for Yale University radio, about my work. A link to the archived interview can be found at

Video Still from “Housekeeping” 2018

Tashmoo Springs Pumping Station, Vineyard Haven, MA 02568

Presented by Peat and Repeat, an artist-run online art edition house based in Ridgewood, NY

Press Release:

Exterior Installation still of video “Spooks” 2021 © Mandy Morrison

Interior Installation still of video “Spooks” 2021 © Mandy Morrison

Conceived by Maja Bekan

International Studio and Curatorial Program, Brooklyn, NY

On July 28, 2021 I participated in a group performance conceived by Maja Bekan (Netherlands/ Slovenia) a resident artist in the International Studio and Curatorial Program in Brooklyn, NY. The project “Hold It Together (We Have Each Other)” was partially developed during Covid (meeting for a year over Zoom). The performance is IN PERSON!

Along with Bekan, the artist, it involves five performance collaborators who have adopted the identities of PARTISAN, SPY, POLITICIAN, (House)WORKER, and ARTIST/KILLJOY. During two periods of performance in the first floor project space, we engage in unscripted discussion and activity, inviting visitors to join if they so choose.

Performers:  Pon-Pon Yeh, Mandy Morrison, Juliana Cope, Daniela Chaparro, and Susan Hapgood.

Performance Times: 5-6PM / 7-8PM

2021 Studio  / Summer Open House IN PERSON, July 28th, 3-9pm International Studio & Curatorial Program, 1040 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Group Rehearsal “Hold it Together” June, 2021
Performance Group (in uniforms) with Maja Bekan (lower right) on a performative walk in lower Manhattan, September, 2021


Codex opens Jan 28 and runs through March 13, 2021, featuring the artwork of Brandon Ables, Jason Charney, Mandy Morrison, and Adan Rodriguez.

Encompassing a wide range of technologies and materials, their works embody the elements of social practice and community involvement as well as critiques on contemporary culture. These works are now presented in a virtual environment. Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture


While not open to the public you can enjoy a virtual tour via our website from wherever you are:

Mandy Morrison, Spirits of Promise and Loss, 2020 (Video installation view)

VR is here and it’s cool! Comparing this round of shorts to an experience I had over 20 years ago in a VR ‘Cave Lab’ at the University of Illinois, the tech has come into its own! For one thing, you’re having a seamless encounter wearing adjustable VR goggle with no breaks in the visuals or sound. Hence, a real sensation in a virtual space. One still sees pixels (less so in the animated works) and you don’t get the smells or the weather of a real place. But in the hands of mindful creator/director(s) there is something amazing that occurs in this medium which can immerse you in places or experiences you are not likely to encounter otherwise (except in a dream state).

In ‘Seeking Pluto’s Frigid Heart ‘ (New York Times, Key Collaborators: Lunar Planetary Institute, Universities Space Research Association) image grabs from the Hubble are used to compose this dramatic view of the planet from a distance as well as up close. It’s as if you were standing on its surface. I was struck by the mountainous, canyon-like, and glacial aspects of this planet; its primordial appearance giving the sensation of deep-time cast in the black void of space.

Other favorites are ‘Nomads’ ( about the Maasai peoples of Kenya, which puts you in situ and angled in a seated position amidst a group of Maasai, in a mud dwelling, in a village, and occasionally face to face for prolonged singular encounters. Also, ‘Old Friend’ (Tyler Hurd/ which is a lively music -animated experience.


Presented a  paper at Connecticut College’s 15th Biennial Symposium ‘Open All Ports, at Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology, on‘Users’ in a Performance about Systems of Control.   It was a three day event highlighted by paper sessions, performances, exhibitions, and new works at the intersection of arts and technology.

A great night and a terrific audience!  This is the 2nd installment of the work-in-progress that is ‘Users’.

Users, is a performance that illuminates the perspectives of two women on opposite sides of the cultural divide; one a woman who works and lives in the digital landscape of data analysis; the other a law enforcement officer in the prison system. This interwoven narrative examines the contrasting lives of these two fictive characters as they move through their experiences looking at the present relevant to their past, and how they view their place in a world which gets thrown into sharp relief through a sudden act of violence.

Dixon Place Lounge, 7PM Thursday, February 18, 2016 161A Chrystie Street


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